Casey Jones Distillery Launches Total Eclipse Moonshine


Casey Jones Distillery Moonshine

Casey Jones Distillery launches Official Drink of the 2017 Solar Eclipse, Total Eclipse Moonshine.

Casey Jones Distillery announced on Thursday that we are the home to the Official Drink of the 2017 Solar Eclipse.  Launching 100 proof Total Eclipse Moonshine, Casey Jones Distillery celebrates our prime location on the 2017 solar eclipse line.  On August 21, 2017, the total solar eclipse will be best seen in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.  In Christian County, Casey Jones Distillery is at the optimum viewing location.  We’ll share details soon on what we’re planning for the 8/21/17 celebration, but in the meantime we want to give you the opportunity to commemorate the phenomenon with a bottle of Total Eclipse Moonshine. The moonshine is currently available in our gift shop, Casey’s Corner, and is available for your local liquor store to order now.  Contact us if you represent a store that would like to carry Total Eclipse Moonshine or other Casey Jones Distillery products.

On Thursday, we had between 200-250 of our closest friends come celebrate our grand opening and official ribbon cutting with the Christian County Chamber of Commerce.  The rain cleared just in time for our opening, and we had tours, tastings of our moonshine, giveaways, a menu of food made with Casey’s Cut incorporated in the recipes, and we even had our friend, Hopkinsville native singer-songwriter Brice Long perform after our big announcement.  Check out some of the photos below, and visit our Facebook page for more photos.  We want to thank our Hopkinsville community and our friends within the Kentucky spirits industry for their support!

Ribbon Cutting at Casey Jones Distillery