Caseys Cut Moonshine

Casey’s Cut 92


Casey’s Cut 92 is the original Golden Pond, Kentucky still-crafted moonshine distilled from corn and cane.  Casey’s Cut is our signature spirit. Casey’s Cut is meant to be sipped slowly so that you can taste that historic experience as you drink the once hush-hush Jones family recipe moonshine.

Ever wonder what someone might choose as their drink of choice? AJ thinks Casey Jones would have picked 92. Because of its smooth taste and feel, its taste of the corn of prohibition and the heat that finally comes as you swallow – it’s real. Real Golden Pond, KY moonshine from start to finish.

The same recipe that was once illegal during the Prohibition-era can now be legally enjoyed.  Taste that hint of Kentucky corn as you sip this fine, small batch corn whiskey.  Our 750 ml. bottles of Casey’s Cut Moonshine are 50% corn/cane, 46% alcohol by volume, and are 92 proof.

Learn more about the history behind our original spirit, and the man behind the name.

Casey's Barrel Cut MoonshineCasey’s Barrel Cut


After resting for a spell in a charred oak barrel, this spirit is enjoyed by connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. You’ll like it straight up, on ice, or the power of it’s special flavor makes for amazing craft cocktails and you’ll also enjoy it in the classics.

It’s like sitting around with friends, reminiscing of great times shared and planning for more.  Enjoy a sip of Casey’s Barrel Cut to honor the still-maker Casey Jones.

While Kentucky may be famous for its bourbon, Casey’s Cut Barrel Cut Moonshine is quickly causing bourbon aficionados and moonshiners alike to take notice.  Casey’s Cut original moonshine is produced in small-batch, and our Barrel Cut Moonshine is in even smaller batch.  Perfect for those that truly appreciate the finer things, the Casey’s Cut Barrel Cut Moonshine is available on a limited basis.  Visit Casey’s Corner to learn more about availability.


Casey's Cut Apple MoonshineCasey’s Cut Apple


While you’ll get a whiff of apple on the nose, when you have a sip, you’ll taste a bright apple-y flavor, almost like having a sip of apple juice.  It’s great right off the shelf, or some have been known to enjoy it chilled. However you take Casey’s Cut Apple, you’ll find it to be a bright and refreshing way to relax.

An especially perfect flavor for the fall, Casey’s Cut Apple Moonshine.






Casey’s Cut GrapeCasey Jones Distillery Casey's Cut Grape Moonshine


You’ve heard of muscadine wine, and now you can have muscadine grape moonshine with a bottle of Casey’s Cut Grape. It is a rich, almost sherry like spirit with a bit of wild, capturing where it came from – the hills and hollers of the secret places moonshine was made and muscadines grew wild.









Casey’s Cut PeachCasey Jones Distillery Casey's Cut Peach Moonshine


Powerful flavors seem to come from the warm regions of the South and Peach is a great example. It’s a fruity but not too sweet taste that makes it one of the  favorites. And the best way to understand the taste is to open a bottle and enjoy a sip!







Total Eclipse Moonshine Casey Jones Distillery

Total Eclipse Moonshine 

100 proof Casey’s Cut at its finest, the Total Eclipse Moonshine from Casey Jones Distillery is the closest you can get to bottling nature’s rare phenomenon.  Happening on August 21, 2017, this moonshine commemorates this rare event.  Hopkinsville, Kentucky and Casey Jones Distillery will experience the 2017 total solar eclipse the longest at two minutes and forty seconds.








Casey Jones Distillery prides itself on its small batch, truly handcrafted spirits.  All ingredients are sourced locally, meaning when you’re drinking Casey’s Cut, you’re drinking Kentucky Proud.