BARREL CUTAfter resting for a spell in a charred oak barrel, this spirit is enjoyed by connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. You’ll like it straight up, on ice, or the power of it’s special flavor makes for amazing craft cocktails and you’ll also enjoy it in the classics.

It’s like sitting around with friends, reminiscing of great times shared and planning for more.  Enjoy a sip of Casey’s Barrel Cut to honor the still-maker Casey Jones.

While Kentucky may be famous for its bourbon, Casey’s Cut Barrel Cut Moonshine is quickly causing bourbon aficionados and moonshiners alike to take notice.  Casey’s Cut original moonshine is produced in small-batch, and our Barrel Cut Moonshine is in even smaller batch.  Perfect for those that truly appreciate the finer things, the Casey’s Cut Barrel Cut Moonshine is available on a limited basis.  Visit Casey’s Corner to learn more about availability.

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