From a square pot,
the smoothest shine


Casey Jones Moonshine is made using a recipe that has been handed down in our family for generations. All of our moonshines, from Total Eclipse to Apple Cut, are distilled in our signature square copper pot designed by Casey and built by Master Distiller Arlon Casey Jones.


Casey’s Cut

Casey’s Cut is our original still-crafted moonshine made according to our family recipe.



Created to commemorate the 2017 solar eclipse, Total Eclipse is its own natural phenomenon.


Barrel Cut

Mellowed in premium oak charred barrels, our Barrel Cut is smooth, flavorful and complex.


Peach Cut

100% peach juice blended with our signature shine is peachy keen.


Apple Cut

We combine 100% juice and our signature shine to create the apple of your eye.


Muscadine Cut

This mix of 100% grape juice and our signature shine tastes wild.