The solar eclipse is coming, and the best spot in the world to see (and taste…but we’ll get back to that) the 2017 solar eclipse is right here in Hopkinsville, right here at Casey Jones Distillery.  With the longest viewing of the eclipse at 2 minutes and 40 seconds, Hopkinsville is quickly becoming THE spot to be for this August 21, 2017 celestial event.

To celebrate our proximity to that point of totality (we’re seconds away from the spot of greatest totality), we’ve been bottling up the eclipse – total eclipse moonshine that is.  Casey’s Cut Total Eclipse Moonshine is available for purchase at Casey Jones Distillery from now until August 21.  The spirit can also be purchased in these liquor stores, and can be requested at liquor stores throughout Kentucky and nationwide.  Learn more about Total Eclipse Moonshine.

Contact Casey Jones Distillery at 270-839-9987 for more information, and stay tuned for plans at the Distillery for August 21, 2017! (Hint: Get your tents and RV’s ready!).