AJ and Peg say “Thank You” for making 2017 simply the most incredible time of our lives.

Over-the-top community support, visitors from all around the globe and our crew of dedicated full & part-time team members who help in running the distillery; giving tours, tastings, conducting events, decorating, serving and making sure you have a great experience.

You came for celebrations, expansions, weddings, picnics, food, music, families, kids, dogs, fun and the Total Solar Eclipse.

With your help and support, our promise for 2018 is to continue improving our support you, to our community, to our state and country. We will welcome visitors in our community and help them have that unforgettable Hopkinsville-kind of experience, and we will be contributors to our economy.

In the mean time, from everyone here at Casey Jones Distillery, what a magical and miraculous year!

Peg & AJ